Friday, 17 March 2017

Mutual Faith

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Welcome again to Legacy Series! I'm delighted to have you here, and I'm sure you will be blessed again today.

While studying my Bible during the week, my attention was drawn to something with respect to the life of father Abraham.

Abraham trusted God with his life.

He was so confident in God and His faithfulness. He was so sure that even if Isaac had been sacrificed, God would raise the boy again because of His promises concerning Isaac. He trusted every word God had said without any iota of doubt.

However, God also trusted Abraham!

In Gen. 22, you would see that Isaac knew the procedure for offering sacrifices... He knew everything that was required for the sacrifice. How, you may ask? His father had taken the time to teach Him. I can imagine that Abraham, knowing that Isaac was the heir God had ordained for him, would take the young boy to all of his sacrifices and fellowships with God, so Isaac would learn. In one place, God said I trust Abraham, because I know he will teach his children my ways. And he didn't disappoint.

My point? Abraham had great confidence in God; but God also had great confidence in Him. It was mutual. He believed in God; God also believed in Him... And guess what? Neither was disappointed!

So, my question to you today isn't "Do you trust God" because you probably do (and if you don't, you need to... ASAP!). Rather, my questions are, "Can God trust you?" "Is your trust in God mutual?" "Are your words reliable?"

I charge you to step up today. Have faith in God... Let Him also have faith in you; one that won't be disappointed. He keeps His promises to you; keep yours to Him.


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