Friday, 10 February 2017

Internal VS Outward Transformation (Part 1)

Yaay! So, we’re finally back. We sincerely apologize for the long time away. It was due to some technological issues, and maybe some laziness J. However, it also provided us time to tweak a few things on our site. We hope you like it. J

Now, to our first discussion for the year.

As we begin the second month in year 2017, I’d like us to look back at the previous month. One out of twelve months of the year has whisked by already. What have you done with it? In particular, what has your relationship with God been like since the beginning of the year? Have you been stagnant, declining or making progress?

Just recently, we were having family devotion (yes, my father still takes out time to coach his own children!) and my father was talking to us about some very deep truths as concerns Christians of today. One important thing he mentioned was, many Christians of today suffer from imbalanced teachings from their shepherds. He went further to say that many of us have a firm grip on the principles, but lack in-depth knowledge and understanding of scriptural doctrines. Many know only what their Pastors have told them; nothing from their own time spent with God. Second-hand knowledge, as my sister, Mrs Tolu, puts it.

I’ll explain further with these questions. Have you ever wondered why there are so many Christians in Nigeria today yet there is so much wrong in our nation? Or let’s even narrow it down to the fact that there are so many people who profess to be Christians yet there is very little expression of God’s power in most of our churches. Or the fact that the same people who call themselves Christians in church are totally different people outside of the fellowship of the brethren. Out of the many Pastors in the country, you’d be surprised how many of them are actually making waves in God’s own eyes.

If you check down history lane, communities where the church had genuinely repented, and the power of God was evident, were always too hot for evil to cohabit.

What am I getting at? It boils down to YOU. What progress are YOU making in your relationship with God??? The Holy Spirit is always present and willing to empower us to give our best in our walk with God, but what do we do with the empowerment? Are you making an effort? Are you just the Sunday-Sunday-churchgoer or do you have a growing relationship with Jesus?

Today, please set some time apart, amidst the hustle and bustle of work, school, kids etc. Take some time out to think, pray, and act. If you must set a reminder for prayer, and word study daily, as I do, please, go ahead. If you need to reunite with those friends who once helped your fire to burn, please do. The year is running out fast. The greatest loss you can have in 2017, is that you lived your life apart from Jesus.

10th February is not too late. Get to work ASAP!

Watch out for the second part of this post next week.




  1. You are doing an awesome job! Truly inspiring read. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you very much @Lucky! God bless you!

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    1. Bless God for you too Emmanuel! Thank you for reading!