Thursday, 19 April 2018

Listen And Be Edified


Welcome again!

On listen and be Edified today, we will listen to and meditate on another powerful song. This song was done by Elevation worship and features Travis Greene and Kierra Sheard. I'm triple sure the lyrics will minister to you greatly.

The last part of this song reminds me about the power of testimonies. Sometimes, all we need to find the strength to carry on is to remember what we have been through and how God came through for us.

I'll share some of my testimonies:
I remember once when I was young, myself and my Mum were on our way to my school. She was driving. All of a sudden, this trailer came out of nowhere, hit us and then kept dragging us until we were off the road, and then the driver stopped. Amazingly, the accident was on my side of the vehicle but I came out without any issues (except the trauma), and I still attended school that day. Meanwhile, the car was written off!

Another time, I had this severe stomach pain the doctors diagnosed to be something similar to ulcer. For months, I would roll on the floor whenever it began, couldn't eat, and took various medicines and oils to no avail. Then one night, my Mum simply carried me and placed me on the altar, asking God to do whatever He wanted with me. There and then, He healed me forever!

Understand that if it would take God to shake heaven and earth just so He can rescue you, like He did for Abraham and Sarah, the 4 Hebrew boys, and many others in scripture, He will do it. Why? He loves you like that!

So, take some time to just read through the lyrics of this song, ponder on them, then listen to the song as well. I pray it spurs you to remember your testimonies, keep hanging on to God's promises and keep running with those testimonies till your desired change comes!


Do It Again 
(Elevation worship ft. Travis Greene and Kierra Sheard)
Walking around these walls
I thought by now they'd fall
But You have never failed me yet
Waiting for change to come
Knowing the battle's won
For You have never failed me yet

Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I'm still in Your hands
This is my confidence, You've never failed me yet

I know the night won't last
Your Word will come to pass
My heart will sing Your praise again
Jesus, You're still enough
Keep me within Your love
My heart will sing Your praise again

Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I'm still in Your hands
This is my confidence, You never failed

I've seen You move, You move the mountains
And I believe, I'll see You do it again
You made a way, where there was no way
And I believe, I'll see You do it again

I'll see You do it again

Your promise still stands
Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness
I'm still in Your hands
This is my confidence, You never failed

Enjoy the rest of your month , trusting that God's promises stand sure FOREVER!


Thursday, 5 April 2018

Happy Easter!!!

Someone may be wondering, but we've already concluded the Easter celebration... Well, what Jesus did for us is meant to be celebrated every single day we have breath, forever!!!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

So today, we will have a brief discourse on the reason Himself, JesusπŸ˜„ Feel free to leave your comments belowπŸ˜‰

All through last weekend and even before the season began, one thing has been on my mind: Jesus's finished work for me must not be in vain. There are two ways to look at this. His work could be in vain if we allow sin to reign over us again like it did to Adam, and it could also be in vain if we still go through every other negative thing He went through, when He went through those things so we would no longer experience them. What do I mean?

The first point is clear to many of us. The book of Romans helps us understand that Jesus won the victory for us over sin and therefore we do not have to be slaves to sin any more. We simply have to exercise our God-given authority over sin and by the help of the Holy Spirit, die daily to the flesh and live for God's glory. 

The second point however, which is where I'm headed, simply implies that it was never God's will for us to leave in sickness, poverty, failure, depression, shame etc. Name it! Jesus came, took all of these on Him so we would no longer be captives of these things. (Isaiah 53, 2 Cor. 8:9). Why did I separate sin from the others? There are Christians today, living holy for Jesus, preaching the gospel and serving God wholeheartedly who are still suffering everything Jesus already suffered on their behalf! 

For goodness sake, He paid for your freedom in full, and He paid it in your name!

So, live the life He suffered so you could live! Stop cheating yourself or allowing the devil cheat you. Jesus did it for you; don't let His finished work be in vain! Don't settle for less than what God has ordained you to have. Yes, seek first the kingdom but keep in mind that Jesus already purchased a fulfilled life for you on earth and has released everything you'll need to live fulfilled here on earth. So as you seek the kingdom wholeheartedly,  ensure you don't get to heaven and regret why you didn't touch 1/1000th of what God stored up for you. There will be challenges and persecutions nevertheless, God has promised to be with us and guide us through the life of an overcomer.

In conclusion, take what is yours! Give the devil no opportunity to rob you off what Jesus already willed to you. It's your inheritance in Christ! Possess it, while your eyes still remain focused on the Author and Finisher of your faith, Jesus.

P.S: If you are yet to have a relationship with Jesus, He's been waiting for you dear friend! With Him is the key to the fulfilled life you've always wondered about and more, so if you would, kindly pray the prayer by the left. Do send me an email once you have done this. God bless you!



Friday, 16 March 2018

Stagger not at the Promise - 2

Hello! Thank you for being here!☺

If you haven't read the first part of this article, please do so. It will bless you☺

Sometimes, out of frustration from not seeing the manifestation of God's promises, we begin to think about the things that may have gone wrong. In this post, we will together cross out some things from that list of things that could go wrong so you can focus on the ones relevant to you.

First of all, God's word can never be at fault. Someone may be thinking, are you sure? Can't there be just one incident where He probably said something He didn't mean, or something He won't do?

Hmmm... The truth dear friend, is this: The fault is never from God's word or promise. God's word is yea and amen (2 Cor 1:20)! It is always true and He always means what He says... Always! He does not lie and He won't joke with something as important as your life! And the promise doesn't expire until it accomplishes what it was sent to do (Isa 55:11)! Also, the promise is potent! It has the power to accomplish what it has been sent to do. The same way you cannot separate a man from his words, you cannot also  separate God from His words. So if you believe that God never fails then you must believe that His word never fails. Heb 4:12 further shows us the potency of God's word and it would be illogical to think that something as powerful as this just couldn't perform its assignment in your own life. It has worked for many; yours can't be different. Make this a point of praise. Whenever the challenges stare you in the face, take your eyes off them and focus on the promise, thanking God because you know His promise is sure, true, trustworthy, flawless, infallible and potent! Glory!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

So, first point checked. The next point consists of two things I shared in the part 1 of this topic: Faith and patience. 1 Thess, 2:13, Heb, 4:2; 6:12. Again, you will only fully enter the promise if you walk by faith. Is there an area of your life where you're believing God for His promises? Faith it until it happens! Let your faith in the infallibility of God's word remain unshaken. A version of 1 Thess 2:13 says those who received God's word (or promise) received it as God's word. It's a different thing to know what's God's word says and another totally different thing is believe it is God's word. Remain unshaken no matter what the devil or life throws at you. Set your face as a flint and never be moved! Unbelief robs you of the manifestation of the promise. It was the reason a large number of the Israelites never entered the promised land and it is the reason many today never see the tangibility of the promises over their lives.

Finally, patience. Faith works with patience. Why do I say so? If you truly believe God's word never fails then you will understand that it's only a matter of time before it manifests and you will be willing to wait it out. Delays can be caused by us, the devil or God Himself. Once you have confirmed that the delay is neither from you or from the devil or have handled it as the case may be, all you do is wait for the manifestation. Everything has its appointed time and God is not slow. He will bring it to pass right at the nick of time.

Okay, we'll stop here for now. But one more thing, please share with us your testimonies of promises you awaited, what you did and how it happened. We'll be delighted to hear from you and someone's faith will be strengthened.
God bless you!😊😊



Thursday, 1 March 2018

Listen And Be Edified

On Listen and Be Edified today, I'll be sharing the lyrics of a song as well as the song. This song, like many other anointed songs, is a sermon by itself. So I won't say much. I'll just put the lyrics here and allow you meditate, and soak in it...

Let faith rise in you as you read & listen, and let your heart be at peace as you actively wait for the manifestation of God's promises concerning you.

While I'm waiting Travis Greene
What my eyes can't see I still believe
Everything spoken to me
There's no word that can come back void
I will trust the report of the Lord

God is not a man that He should lie
Every need He will supply
So I will wait, I will not be moved
I believe, I believe, I will trust in You

While I'm waiting I'm getting stronger
My faith is rising, and I will run on
While I'm waiting, I'm lifting up on wings as eagles
I believe, I will trust in You

Oh oh oh
I believe, I will trust in You
Oh oh oh
I believe, I will trust in You

I will run and I will not be weary
I will walk and I will not faint
I will rise up on wings as eagles
I believe, I believe, I will trust in you

I believe, I believe, I will trust in You

God is not a man that He should lie! Keep believing, don't lose hope!

Happy new month!!!



Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Stagger not at the promise...

Still on this promise matter...πŸ˜ƒ 

It's still early in the year but I know some have already began wavering...😊 How do I know? Well, we know ourselves πŸ˜‰ 

All I want to do today, as always, is encourage you. 

From now until the end of the year, situations will come to test whether you actually believed God's promises to you this year, or you're acting based on trial and error😊. Temptations to forget the promises and find a "human" or alternative way out of your circumstances will come all through this year, but I urge you to hang on!

God is too faithful and loyal to His word to go against it, and He has said He won't leave you, and that His word doesn't return to Him without accomplishing its purpose. 

So, snap out of the pity party and begin confessing God's promises to you regardless of the appearance of that circumstance! The Bible says that those who possessed their promises did it through FAITH and PATIENCE. You cannot possess yours without these fruits of the Spirit. 

Faith it until it comes to pass! Be patient until your appointed time comes! Don't give up on God's promises to you at a quarter to the appointed time. Don't stagger at the promises. Stand firm! Hang on to every word of God as though it were your life. Take them personal! You can either choose to be encouraged and stand firm on His promises or give up without any hope to cling to. People who are successful have something they cling on to. It could be either temporal or eternal but they hang on to something. What are you hanging on to?

For me, this isn't a year to be lukewarm, nonchalant or lazy when it comes to spiritual things. I must birth all that God has earmarked for me this year! I refuse to be cheated!

So I implore you today, stagger not at the promise.

Enjoy and meditate on "Say the word" below. Shalom!

Your friend,

      Say the word by Hillsong

Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Hey there!!!

Thanks for being here! If you haven't read our last post, you will benefit from it so do avail yourself the opportunity πŸ˜ƒ

Now to today's gist... This year, put ALL your trust in Jesus. No room for alternatives or Plan B's... Jesus all the way! No matter how tough it may get, and it could get really tough, trust Jesus. Seek His opinion above all others and take Him at His word... If He has said it, He will do it. If it's in His word, He is bound by it and He will fulfill it. Rest in His promises. Relax in the knowing that He sees, He knows, He understands and most of all, He's got a glorious and  beautiful plan! It will eventually work out for your good and end in praise!

In every situation, consult Him first and if there will be any human consultations, let Him direct you to whom to consult. Don't reveal your issues to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Be Spirit-led this year.

Don't be afraid to put all your eggs in one basket and be sure to do it completely. Do it absolutely, leaving no room for doubt or wavering. It's amazing when the reward for trust comes... It's always mind blowing! But only when you trust absolutely.

Some of us are trusting God for direction concerning one area of our lives of another. Trust Him to lead you. Trust that He loves you too much to watch you walk into the wrong place or the wrong hands... One translation of Psa. 23:3 says that God delights in leading His children, so He won't abandon you to walk through life alone. He will lead you, order your steps, guide you and direct you. Even when you don't see, perceive or feel His leading, trust this truth - He won't leave you!


Your friend,

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Better Way... Love's Way

There's always a better way... Responding instead of reacting, listening to the end instead of jumping into conclusions, listening rather than speaking, trusting God instead of worrying (I'm very guilty of this πŸ˜€), seeking God's report instead of man's, seeking God's help instead of man's, reading from the start of the semester instead of a week to exams, going to church every time you can make it rather than waiting till the last Sunday of the year to attend church😎... Name it! There's just ALWAYS a better way!

Many have missed it in life simply because they chose the easier way... The easier way may not always be the best way. The better way may cost you but it always pays off in the end. Be disciplined and diligent enough to go the better way. Don't let fleeting pleasures derail you from making a better choice... Think the FUTURE and not just the NOW.

So this year, keep your actions and motives in check. Before you make that move, ask yourself, could this be done in a better way? Is there a better response to the situation at hand? Could this job be done in a better way? If you need to give it more time, money, energy etc so it can be better, go ahead and do so. Just ensure you're giving your very best!

What will love do?
In your relationship with people this year, keep in mind what love will do because love's way is always the better way. It never fails. Overlook certain things because that's what love will do. Speak kindly, listen intently, shut the door to bitterness, strife, jealousy and envy, go out of your way to be of help to someone... Because that's what love will do.

I trust that you will have a much better year than previous years... Keep your mind ever fixed on the better way... Love's wayπŸ˜‰

Cheers to a great year!!!

Your friend,

Friday, 29 December 2017

My Pledge

I choose to be confident in the woman/man you've called me to be.
Not the person situations have made me become,
Or the person I think myself to be,
But the person you see in me;
The person you have placed in me

I choose to be comfortable in my lane,
Not competing with others or comparing myself with them;
Not poking my nose into others' lanes when I have my race to run.
Jealousy and foolish comparison will not have their way in me.

I choose to be confident in the uniqueness of my gifts, calling, potentials, assignment, and resources,
All that you have invested in me so I can become who you have called me to be.
I have all I need and more in You, to become who you see me to be.

I choose to stay in my process, trust your workings in me and be content in my uniqueness;
I will not be complacent nor content with mediocrity,
But will manifest the greatness and excellence you have put in me.
I will not paint a picture of myself that you have not painted of me.

I will not be irritable, rejoice over evil, or keep track of wrongs done to me,
I won't be boastful, arrogant, rude, envious or selfish,
Rather, I will be kind, patient, rejoice in the truth, exude temperance and humility, 
I will never stop hoping, never stop believing and never give up,
By the help of your Spirit at work in me.

I choose to be confident in who you have already made me to be.
I will be confident in you. YOU are ENOUGH for me!
I will fix my gaze on you all the days of my life,
Seeking you with all my heart,
And trusting your will,
As You transform me into the woman/man you see in me,
Into the image of your Son... 

This is my pledge.

Bible passages: Gen. 1:27, Gen. 2:7, 2 Cor. 3:18, 2 Cor. 4:4, Isa. 26:3.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Listen. Worship. Be Edified.

Many of us crave for God's voice... You so wish that He would just speak to you.. "Even if all He does is call my name, oh, that He would just speak!" Interestingly, God is always speaking, in fact, He's always calling you. The question is, "are you listening?"

We could get so engrossed in our world that we forget to pause. And LISTEN.

This beautiful piece sung by Kari speaks volumes about this. Listen to and meditate on the lyrics.

God, Precious is listening! Speak to me! (You can tell Him same...)


SPEAK TO ME by KARI JOBE (Source: Youtube)

The sound of many waters
Calms the sea in me
The voice that ends the silence
Meets me in my need
Like fireworks
Igniting in my chest
The weight of Your glory
The reverence
I'm in awe that You would come to me
In awe that I could hear You speak
Speak to me
Speak to me
I'm listening
Speak to me
Speak to me
I'm listening
The sound that shakes the heavens
The whisper on the wind
Breaks my inhibitions
And settles me within
The mystery, You're closer than my skin
Your still, small voice moving me again
I hang on to every word You say
I live to hear You say my name
Speak to me
Speak to me
I'm listening
Speak to me
Speak to me
I'm listening

Saturday, 29 April 2017


Hi there!

I do hope you had a great April and you did maximize it to its full capacity… If you didn’t, no worries. May presents you with another opportunity… Anticipate it and use it well.

And now to the business of today.

So, one of the things I love to do in my leisure is read Christian novels. And as I thought about what to share with you today, I was reminded of  the novel, ‘The Crossroad’ by Beverly Lewis. I wouldn’t want to go into the details of the story (you can get the book if you wish, it’s very lovely) but the major thing that resonated with me was the title: Crossroad.

Many a time, we get into situations and circumstances in life that seem to be three- or four-way junctions. We are faced with so many options yet we do not know which one to take. Whether it’s choosing the right job offer, deciding whether to get a PhD or settle for a job, deciding which school to go or which course to offer, deciding which of the ladies will make the best wife ;) or deciding what area of ministry to focus on… The crossroads will always come. However, the good news is, if you are a Christian, then you can be led by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, it could seem as though God is silent, but I encourage you to hang in there.

I remember one of my favourite worship leaders, Kim Walker, saying once that she used to get up early in the morning to speak with God... Not pray, just talk. And sometimes she would just sit there; say nothing, do nothing, just sit there. And it would seem like God isn’t saying anything or His presence isn’t even with her, but then, over the years, she has learnt to sit still until He “comes”. And when He meets with her, it’s always amazing!

So, today, I encourage you to trust the leading of the Holy Spirit… It could come in form of peace, or that still small voice, or dreams and visions, or through a friend, or the trees and so on... Whichever way it comes, watch out for it, trust His leading and follow it. And in those times when it seems like He isn’t speaking or His presence isn’t with you, and you’re asking why it seems He can’t see what’s going on… HANG IN THERE dear…. He ALWAYS comes through. He is too faithful to fail! And He’s never late! I’m grinning from ear to ear right now, just reminding myself of these truths.

Also, one thing I learnt from the novel was that the crossroad could also be seen to represent the cross (Take another look at the picture above)! When you're at the crossroad, you may not see the symbol of the cross, but when you look at it from afar, taking on the whole view, you see the sign more clearly. 

My point? You can either decide to see your crossroad as that point where you’re in a state of confusion, or you can decide to see the cross in the midst of the crossroad, reminding yourself of the fact that even in the midst of the crossroads, He is right there with you. (Psa. 23:4) And trust me, He is ALL you need.

Hmmm… Brother/Sister, He will come through for you… And right on time! Your crossroad experience will soon become a beautiful tale of how you got on the right path to destiny!

See you on the other side of the crossroad! I await your comments...



Thursday, 20 April 2017

You have overcome!!!

Hey there! :)

Welcome yet again! I trust you enjoyed your Easter, and did celebrate the reason for the season - Jesus.

Well today, still in the spirit of Easter, I'll be leaving us with a song: Victor's crown.

The best part of this song for me is:

"Every high thing must come down
"Every strong hold shall be broken
"You wear the Victor's crown
"You overcome, You overcome!"

The last verse also gives me chills.

As you listen to and meditate on this song, realize that He overcame... For you. So, whatever the challenge you may be facing now, or may face in the future, you also have overcome! This is one of the reasons a christian's joy should never be depleted: YOU HAVE OVERCOME!

Enjoy the song, but also declare it over yourself. I HAVE OVERCOME!

Remember to leave your comments in the comments box, either for this post, or the previous ones. Also remember to subscribe to our blog.


VICTOR'S CROWN by Darlene Zschech (Source: Youtube)

Monday, 10 April 2017

The Joy of Salvation

Happy new month people!

I'm so glad to have you here again! A special thanks to all who made comments on the last post. God bless you!

So today, we will be talking about a burden I have had for some time now. I say “we’ because I will only bring forth the challenge; you will contribute your opinion to the causes of the challenge and the possible solutions to this challenge. I look forward to your comments. Don’t forget that this will help someone out there. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Case Scenario:

Whenever I go for a service, as I enjoy it and praise God, or lead people in worship, I can’t help but notice the alarming number of people who are just indifferent about the service. It’s difficult for them to shout “hallelujah”, say “amen” and even more difficult to sing, dance, or clap in praises to God! One may think they are just “stiff” but I dare say, and I have pondered over this for a while, that these people have lost their excitement. Somewhere along the line, they seem to have lost the joy of their salvation.

Ironically, the Bible says that there is fullness of joy in God’s presence, so how come many who claim to carry the presence of God (which is full of joy, don't forget), still seem to lack God’s joy, or the excitement that comes with God's joy?

For some, I have come to understand that their loss of joy came as a result of the storms of life they have encountered here and there. Whereas for some others, they never really experienced that joy, so they do not even know what it means.

So, the floor is open! What do you understand by this "joy of salvation"? What do you think has caused Christians lose their excitement and joy? What can a Christian who seems to lack God’s joy, do to regain that joy? In case, you have been a victim of losing your joy due to any reason at all, but were able to get it back, please share with us the steps you took. I have not put up any scriptural references so please, feel free to do so.

I can’t wait to hear from you! You will be helping someone today as you share. Leave your comments in the comment box below and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog!

Have a blessed week!



Friday, 31 March 2017

Stop crying and MOVE!

Case in point: Exodus 14. 

So, the Israelites have recently left Egypt, on their way to the land God promised them. Then all of a sudden, Pharaoh 'comes to his hardened senses' and decides to pursue them. The Israelites look back and realize they are in the middle of the 'devil and the deep blue sea'. What next?

They begin to do the very thing most of us would have done: Complain (Point number 1). 

You see, we are so 'dedicated' to complaints as though our complaints have the power to change anything or have ever helped anyone. Notice that their complaints do not change anything. Rather, Moses boldly tells them to 'stand and see the salvation of the Lord'. More like 'stop complaining; be quiet and watch God work wonders'. 
Lesson one: Stop complaining!

Now, I guess at the time Moses was making those declarations, he was frantically praying in his heart that God will not put him to shame because the next thing God says is, "Why are you crying out to Me?" (Exo. 14:15 NLT)

So, for many of us, this is where we are. Our situation is very similar to that of the Israelites - being caught between two terrible choices, or probably you can't even see a choice at all! All you see are road blocks, no path ahead, nothing! Well, this is for you. 

Let's get on with the story. So, amazingly, God tells Moses, "why are you crying out to Me? Tell the people to GET MOVING! Pick up YOUR STAFF and raise your hand over the sea. Divide the water so the Israelites can walk through the middle of the sea on dry ground." (Exo. 14:15-16 NLT; emphasis mine) It seemed more like He expected Moses to know what to do! I can imagine God thinking to Himself at that point, "why is Moses still standing there clueless? I've given him the rod. All he needs for the Israelites to get to the other side is in his hand! He should move!" Now, if I were Moses, I would wonder, "God, move to where? I know you don't need any reminder but the Egyptian soldiers are right behind, and before us is the ocean! So, where do we move to?" But God doesn't give Him the opportunity to ask. He simply tells him, 'take the staff'.

I need to you to take note of the first instruction: Move. He says that before H asks Moses to use his staff.  Sometimes, God just wants us to show our trust in Him by taking that leap of faith, even when you don't know the direction to take. Your steps are ordered; all you have to do is make a move. Lesson two: Move!

Finally, take your staff. You also have a staff. And in the midst of that terrible fix you may have found yourself, God is saying today: Stop shedding tears - they will do you no good. Move! Use your staff! I can't tell you what your staff is, but I can tell you that you have a staff. Ask God to open your eyes to it so you can use it for His glory. The same way the little flour that was left in the house of that widow of Zarephath was used to eradicate famine for them, that's how your staff is meant to make a way for you. 
Lesson three: Find your staff by asking God what it is and what it is meant for. Then use it.

So, there we are! I have decided to trust God, stop crying, move and use my staff. You should do same.. :)

Do share your story with us in the comment box. I'd love to hear from you!